Request Dispatch System

Cut out the middle man and allow guests to send requests directly from their mobile device to the relevant resolver group. Room service orders directly to F&B, amenity and minibar requests directly to housekeeping, or complaints straight to the duty manager. Whatever the interaction, you decide who should be alerted and how they receive notifications.

How it Works?

  • Create departments

Shape departments to match your organizational structure (ex: Housekeeping, F&B…), departments will act as resolvers groups for guest requests.

  • Initiate the flow

Draw the business flow by linking every service request to the corresponding receiver department, you can even decide if all the department members should be alerted or specific people only. Once the setup is done, any guest request or order will be automatically routed to the corresponding resolver department.

  • Allocate devices per department

Add receiver devices per department based on business guidelines, preference, or device availability:

Mobile Phones – Smart Watches – Tablets- Laptops

  • Set the escalation scheme

Automate escalation alerts to be sent to department heads or duty managers to ensure timely resolution of pending requests or orders.


RnB was designed to enhance the guest experience and operational efficiency. As such, when an order is placed, a request made, a review given, or a service failure identified, you dictate who is notified and how it is received.

Allowing guests to bypass reception and direct all communication to the most appropriate team member will speed up service and:


  • Free up frontline staff
  • Enhance operations
  • Promote quick and effective service recovery
  • Provide flexible request management
  • Promote request automation

Management on

the GO

With RnB receiver mobile app, there is no need to manage guest requests and orders from a computer. Team members can receive and manage relevant notifications directly from their mobile device, smart watches, or tablets, allowing them to continue with daily tasks, knowing no jobs will be missed.


  • Increase operational efficiency

  • Send notifications directly to the relevant resolvers

  • Manage guest communication ‘On the Go’

  • Ensure quicker job fulfillment