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Special Features

Make all your services always accessible

Ring n Bring shopping menu
Ring n Bring request dispatch system

Enable targeted communication to improve staff efficiency

Allow a seamless guest experience by providing your guests the ability to send requests directly from their mobile device to the relevant resolver group.

Guests will be receiving update notifications to stay informed about the status of their orders and even wait times.

Automate escalation alerts to be sent to department heads or duty managers to ensure timely resolution of pending requests or orders.

Streamline your staff operations

  • Bring efficiency to your F&B operations

Optimize your dining facilities and have full control over the ordering process and payment integrations.

  • Update your services in real time

Take complete control over your service offerings, easily update menus, customize request buttons, and highlight specific items or images for promotion.

  • Keep Requests Under Control

Manage tasks and requests better since everything is centralized in RnB’s system, when an order is placed, a request made, or a review given, you decide who should be alerted and how they receive notifications.

Ring n Bring staff operations efficiency solution
Ring n Bring data driven analytics

Make data-driven informed decisions

With RnB’s comprehensive analytics you get a detailed understanding of your business operations, you can easily monitor staff efficiency and customer behavior which will allow you to effectively optimize the guest experience.

Gather Insightful Feedback

Our user friendly, customizable and instantaneous feedback questionnaire is designed to provide you with insightful data and reviews from your customers with the ability to grade staff members. This enables you to gain a better understanding of your customers, identify areas for improvement, and make informed changes to enhance your services.

Ring n Bring customizable and instantaneous feedback

Empower Your Business With

Hardware Flexibility

Ring n Bring all in one guest experience platform

Smart Watch

Receive customers’ requests on the staff’s smartwatches in real-time, with no range restrictions.

Ring n Bring all in one guest experience platform


Receive and update customers’ requests on the staff receiver app, available for both IOS and android.

Ring n Bring all in one guest experience platform


Check and update customers’ requests on the multi-touch tablet so you can easily trace any task to know if it is pending to be managed, if it’s in progress or if it’s already completed.

Ring n Bring data driven analytics


Have full visibility on your business operations, you can monitor staff efficiency, customer behavior, and generate insightful reports to help you optimize operational efficiency.

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We very much appreciated the prompt & efficient roll out of Ring N Bring. They always took our feedback seriously & listened to suggestions. Our work has simply been made easier with it. For instance we can update the menu with simple clicks.

Em Sherif, Restaurant

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Ring n Bring all in one guest experience platform

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