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The Role Of Modern Digital Transformation

Planning a vacation experience is anything but a collection of simple separate decisions regarding the location, accommodation, and destination. On the contrary, it is a chain of touchpoints that brings the potential guests to certain hotels, already visualizing the exact type of experience they plan to enjoy, live and share.


To improve the overall guest experience and glean important business metrics and insights, every hotelier must identify, anticipate, and satisfy the needs of their guests. Every guest comes seeking a different and individually catered experience which creates an incentive for them to return again. Achieving this can help hotels  establish a long-term relationship with their visitors.


Here we outline the various stages of the hotel guests journey right from finding inspiration to travel to booking the stay and checking out of the hotel only to keep coming back to the property. We present tips on how to integrate modern smart solutions to optimize guest experience at hotels.

1. Pre-Arrival Stage:

The first stage in the journey involves two important steps for both travelers and hoteliers.


  • Step 1: Inspiration & Research

This is the very first step that includes all the factors influencing customers to decide on vacationing or traveling. Social media plays a significant role in this regard, luring customers with illustrative travel blogs, videos, and influencers actively showcasing their detailed travel experiences. The potential guests rely excessively on the internet at this point to browse through a range of alternatives in terms of destinations and affordability before making a final decision. During this stage, hotelieres should enhance their social media presence and know when to create offers and packages depending on the popularity of their location for tourists and high seasons. 


  • Step 2: Booking

At this point, the potential customers have selected their preferred destination and travel time. When it comes to booking the right hotel, more emphasis is placed on the price comparison ratio. Here, hotels have a major role to play in the booking process. First, attractive visuals and call-to-action phrases should be spread over the website to make sure the customer doesn’t get bored while browsing the website. Building a clear, appealing and easy-to-navigate ecommerce website design helps decrease abandonment rates to the minimum and ensures a full and complete checkout.

2. In-House Experience:

The most important part of the journey happens here, where the guests are looking forward to experiencing all what they’ve promised and more! Hotel guests nowadays have higher expectations with the rapidly changing trends and technologies in the hospitality industry.


Smart ordering solutions like Ring n Bring help hoteliers provide their guests with a comprehensive and enjoyable experience during their stay. Ring n Bring is an advanced solution for premium hospitality. It allows guests to order any service needed from the comfort of their room. With a single scan of the QR code placed at their bedside table, guests can request room service, maintenance, food, amenities & laundry menus, wake-up calls and many other services with one tap at their screen. Guests can also schedule appointments at many other venue facilities such as gyms, spas and so on.


Ring n Bring facilitates staff-customers communication, improves operational efficiency and reduces the risk of human errors. There’s also no more need to worry about the language barriers as Ring n Bring helps the hotel staff speak their guests’ language with its multilingual options.

It is an interactive advanced solution that retains the gentle touch of human hospitality while helping decision makers benefit from all the advanced features it provides to track and optimize their performance. Ring n Bring assists businesses in reaching their targeted KPIs while increasing revenue and decreasing operational costs.

3. Checkout:

This is a critical stage as it is here that customers will rate their stay based on their overall experience with cleanliness, staff service, food & beverages…etc. The hotel’s job at this point is to give guests as many options as possible for leaving and sharing reviews.


Ring n Bring allows guests to provide their feedback and reviews through direct feedback buttons and shareable links to social media and other reviews websites like Booking.com and Trivago. It also allows the hotel’s management to monitor and track the live feedback and respond to the complaints on spot. The solution provides the opportunity to track useful data from guests and website users to gain business insights and do the needed improvements. 

After their departure, most guests will share their feedback and experience with their families and colleagues. Word of mouth creates the most reputation as guests with a positive experience are more likely to recommend venues to their friends and online and they might even come back themselves. Smart solutions like Ring n Bring enhances staff operations and boosts customers’ satisfaction helping hotels build a wide base of loyal customers, thus increasing their ROI.

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