Depending on the venue’s size, location of waiters, customers trying to get the attention of available waiters to take their order could take anywhere

from a few to several long minutes. On the other hand, constantly asking them what they need can sometimes seem bothersome.




No more customers awkwardly waiting, waving hands to grab attention,

walking to find an available waiter norcalling them out loud.
Ring n Bring Resto is your smart service solution that increases customers’ satisfaction

and the productivity of staff with a simple QR scan that keeps everyone easily connected.

Your customers can simply scan a QR code and they will immediately be presented with a clear 

list of Shisha services they can request from.

Select your favorite flavor, request to change the head, and replace the coal.

Whenever a request is sent from a customer, 

the staff is immediately notified on their devices and/or computers. They will also know exactly 

where the request came from as each QR is unique.

Multiple orders will be stacked so they can 

be tracked and updated in parallel.

Facilitate easier and more efficient communication between customers and staff, retaining the premium human touch of hospitality.