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How using smart ordering solutions
improves customer retention
strategies for restaurants.

Customer retention is one of the most cost-efficient ways to grow any business brand. According to studies, a 5% increase in customer retention produces more than a 25% increase in profit. In the FnB businesses, some decision makers tend to focus on actively pursuing new clients so that customer retention falls behind on their priority list. Retaining loyal customers is one of the biggest marketing challenges most restaurants face. 

Customer retention strategies help marketers brand positioning. 

Brand positioning for the HoReCa industry is more than how your restaurant’s brand vision and identity are strategically situated in a market saturated with other companies. It is, more importantly, about what you’re known for in your customer’s mind. People who like to visit a particular restaurant usually go back to the same place if they feel special and valued.

Even when actively implementing customer retention strategies, it is possible that one might not be aware of some ways modern technology can help them retain customers.

This article presents insights on how restaurants can benefit from QR codes and smart ordering solutions in their branding and customer retention strategies.

Using data to your advantage

Put simply, restaurant data analytics is the process of analyzing every data point related to your venue and converting them into meaningful insights, which can help improve everything from menus and staff training to restaurant policies and marketing campaigns.

Customer data is the key to successful retention marketing. The more you know about your customers – like their order history, dietary preferences and birthday – the better you can focus your marketing efforts.

Smart ordering solutions like Ring n Bring offer businesses a chance to gather the relevant data they need about their customers which can prove to be a gold mine for a restaurant’s success. Ring n Bring provides restaurants with advanced analytics that help them overview their venue’s productivity and business opportunities. 

Furthermore, Ring n Bring integrates with a variety of POS systems. POS systems are also another great source of data for restaurants. They help keep track of average bills per customer, most popular dishes, and much more. 

Ring n Bring helps restaurants gather detailed guests’ opt-in including personal details, preferences, allergies, and more, along with various restaurant performance analytics. This helps decision makers analyze their new and existing customers to make better menu, pricing, and marketing decisions.

Modernizing marketing efforts

Monitoring online reputation is one essential part of customer retention. Online reviews and feedback actually play a critical role in getting customers to keep coming back. Review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor and even Google, have a great influence on people’s perception and decision to visit different places. Thus, restaurants should make sure that they’re encouraging positive reviews and handling negative ones correctly. In fact, a 2021 study by ReviewTracker  found that customers are nearly 45% more likely to visit a business that actually responds to their negative reviews.

Ring n Bring helps restaurants collect their guests’ feedback, generate reviews and listen to what they have to say!

With the help of the customer’s data collected through Ring n Bring, restaurants can take further steps to also personalize their marketing efforts. 

Marketing blindly to the masses is no longer the most effective customer retention strategy as customers seek to feel special and appreciated. By personalization, we don’t only mean addressing the customers using their names in a marketing message. We mean understanding what they like and want and anticipating their needs. Collecting customers’ information and feedback allows marketers to help you send the right special offer at the right time.

Another way to keep diners coming back is to encourage them to engage with your restaurant. Smart solutions like Ring n Bring serve as the perfect engagement tool. Once the guest scans the QR codes placed on their table, they’ll immediately have access to all the services available at the venue. From menus, to food ordering, to accessing Wi-Fi, and even playing some engaging and entertaining minigames while waiting for their meals, Ring n Bring guarantees a memorable experience that will make them come back.

Additionally, Ring n Bring gets promotions in new places. Lowering the cost of expensive printed or sponsored ads, the solution also presents its own promotional banner that helps restaurants announce their own offers, combos and holidays events while guests are scrolling through the menus.

Keeping customers engaged is essential for a successful retention strategy. Whether it’s through social media platforms or in-person events, creating a sense of community among customers can boost engagement. And, Ring n Bring also incorporates social media log-ins and shareable links.

In conclusion, when customer retention strategies are implemented, acquiring new customers becomes an easier process. Word of mouth recommendations travel fast. Loyal customers who enjoy their dining experience will certainly recommend their favorite restaurant to colleagues, family and friends, and will happily post positive reviews online!

Ring n bring is a smart ordering QR based solution that brings everything to one place. It creates memorable experiences that both satisfy guests’ expectations and provide the marketers with essential tools for their strategies.

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