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How to empower your restaurant
with smart ordering solutions

Running a successful restaurant business isn’t only about preparing tasty food and serving it to your guests. Although it is one major factor for retaining customer loyalty, today’s consumers in all F&B businesses want a more unique and personalized food experience. Nowadays, the online world holds more of a central role in our lives than ever before and the modern smart-based restaurant evenings have replaced traditional dining-out experiences.

We will introduce diverse ways in which smart ordering solutions can improve HoReCa businesses by helping the owners to manage, optimize and monitor their business efficiently.

Better Operations Management<br

Smart solutions like Ring n Bring help restaurants optimize their internal operations to give the best service possible. Organized internal communication is a vital factor for the success of any business. Ring n Bring provides an efficient approach to enhance communication among all departments which in turn will reflect very positively on the employees’ performance. It also improves communications between staff and customers especially on busy days and during rush hours. 

With the customizable service request buttons like calling for waiters, requesting cars from the valet while still at the table, ordering bills, all customers will be efficiently served with no delay. 

Moreover, a smart solution like this will help reduce errors at a significant rate. It does so by taking and organizing orders sent from mobile phones at the tables directly to the kitchen or POS machine which will decrease the opportunity of miscommunication, misspelling and misreading the hand written notes. This is considered as a time-saving approach which eliminates errors and delivers messages quickly leading to fast served satisfied clients and to a  substantial drop in customer complaints.

For the administrative staff, Ring n Bring presents a cost saving and reliable solution that exchanges traditional menus for digitalized and smarter ones. It offers a completely customizable menu with many templates to choose from. It also includes a search bar with many special tags and preferences for allergy inducing ingredients and many other options.  and allows changing all prices easily with a single command. So, management can edit everything from content, price and background to colors, themes and images! All of that while benefiting also from the handy “add to cart” and advanced search features. 

Smart Ordering is estimated to increase revenue by 20-30% and decrease operational costs while enhancing staff communication.

Boosting Customer’s Experience

Smart solutions are the key to more loyal customers by enhancing their overall experience and increasing their satisfaction levels. As mentioned before, ordering solutions save a notable amount of time especially during rush hours or holiday seasons as digital menus eliminate the wait-time for orders and help organize priorities.

Ring n Bring gives you the power to offer productive and updated services to all customers at all times.

When customers are able to order food and request a variety of services from their smart-phones, it makes your restaurant convenient to them. Not only does Ring n Bring provide that, but it also ensures that it is simple and easy-to-use for all types of customers. Through a simple scan for the QR code on the table, customers are given access to an advanced digital menu where they can order food, request waiters, valet, cutlery, cleaning services, and even drive through or pay bills. And yes, they can split bills too! The smart menu also includes a promotional banner for the restaurant to highlight all the new offers and discounts for the guests to discover. 

Smart Solutions like Ring n Bring integrate the customer experience and the employees performance to present an effective working environment and an organized and satisfying service pattern. 

In Conclusion, after highlighting the importance of smart ordering solutions in building a modern successful F&B Business, it is clear now that engaging in such solutions will be a profitable investment on both short and long runs. 

Ring n Bring is a premium comprehensive solution that goes above and beyond to help businesses provide superior customer experience. In addition to customers’ feedback collection,  it also presents the restaurants with advanced analytics about their sales trends and customers behaviour so that they can build up on that to create more revenue and more long lasting customer relationships to boost their brand image.

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