Customer Journey


Open your phones Camera*


Scan the QR code located on the table to quickly open the Ring n Bring Resto service for your Resto


You’re ready!
Start sending your requests! (Bill, Waiter, Manager, Valet, etc.)

* Some Android phones will need to manually visit to scan

Employee Journey

Keep Ring n Bring device/tablet next to staff station or keep tablet/phone with staff

Staff members will be notified about any request on any table

Make sure your customers are heard at anytime

New Modern Design For The Dashboard

Button Customization

Add/remove buttons to your restaurant’s preferences

Table / QR Code

Create and print QR codes for your restaurant’s tables

Have dedicated VIP Tables

Multiple Stations

Allocate, filter and dedicate requests to reach specific RnB Resto devices & tablets/phones with receiver app


Gather customer’s feedback

Editing Resto page info

  • Add all restaurant’s basic information (logo, website, PN, location, etc.)
  • Advertise promotions
  • Promote social media pages


  • Study customers insights
  • Returning visitors vs new visitors
  • Busiest working hours