A smart room service solution for hotels.
Our solution helps increase your customers’ satisfaction and the efficiency

of the employees/staff. It does so by allowing your guests to ask for any service provided by your facility as well as search the menu and order food.

Enhance your guest’s overall hotel experience and improve staff response time.

Ring n bring gives hotels the ability to improve staff communications, increase sales, streamline operations and enhance the overall guest experience.


No more losing money

Because your guests couldn’t receive their needs on time

Provide luxury service
to your guests

Customizable service buttons, so your

guests can simply press the virtual ring and call room service, housekeeping or request amenities.

Notifications will inform your guests that their requests have been confirmed.

Receiving requests

All requests will be promptly received by the staff

Advanced Analytics

With our analytics dashboard, you get the data you need to improve the service of your staff

No upfront costs
& bulky hardware

No hardware or apps required, only a simple QR code scan


Fully Customizable
Digital Menu Templates

Edit everything from content, price, background, 

colors, themes and images! Benefit also 

from our add to cart, split bill,
and advanced search features.

Forget static PDF menus

Have your own design and interactive menu, 

update your products and receive orders directly.

Save money &
the environment

Get rid of the printed menus, add products 

or update prices freely without worrying 

about reprinting menus.

Stacking Orders

Order are automatically sent to the waiters tablets, 

laptop and/or printed directly in the kitchen.

Promotion and upselling

Display your star items in the top section.

Show all your items with attractive visuals.

Use your own promotional banner to promote 

events or special offers.


Give your customers the VIP treatment

With the valet parking button, customers can request 

their car to be prepared, once ready an SMS will be 

sent informing them.

Eliminate customer crowding around the valet stand. Customers no longer have to wait outside 

for their cars especially in bad weather.

Manage your buggy services

With the valet parking button, the customers can request his car to be prepared and once ready an sms will be sent to 

them informing them that their car is ready.

Eliminate customer crowding around the valet stand