Frequenty Asked Questions

Most problems you might encounter can be resolved by just rebooting
the device. This will force the installation of the latest online Ring N Bring
update as long as the device is connected to a working Wi-Fi.
Q: The Wi-Fi signal on the device is weak?
A: Ring N Bring requires a strong stable Wi-Fi signal, if your household/office is large or with many walls, you might need to consider contacting a technician, buying a Wi-Fi signal repeater or getting a better Wi-Fi Router with more antennas.

Q: How does my device update?
A: As long as you are connected to a working Wi-Fi, your device will go through the updates automatically. In case an update has not been automatically installed, you will need to restart the device and wait a couple of minutes for it to manually update.

Q: I scanned my first venue and it did not automatically log me in?
A: Please reboot your device, this will force the device to download the latest update.

Q: Why is my device is restarting automatically?
A: 1- Check that your adapter is plugged in properly, and that your adapter is not faulty.
If that does not solve your issue,
2- If your device is still under the 1-year warranty, kindly contact us at

Q: I found a bug on the Ring N Bring app/device?
A: Please report it to

Q: I can't hear any ringtone on the device?
A: The volume on the device itself might be low, please increase it through the settings of the device.

Q: My order is not being displayed on the device?
A: Please reboot the device to force a manual update, the device might not be up-to-date.

Q: What is the return policy?
A: The hardware has a 1-year warranty for any faults and defects.

Q: How do i track my order?
A: You will receive an email from Ring N Bring with a Tracking Number that will showcase all the needed information.

Q: How do i get in touch with Ring N Bring?
A: You can contact us at for any inquiries related to Ring N Bring

Q: Are there any extra shipping costs involved?
A: Additional import custom fees may apply based on each country regulations. 

Q: Why is my device beeping?
A: Your device will beep to inform you when there is no Wi-Fi connectivity