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Elevate Guest Experiences at
Your Hotel With Smart Solutions

Are you looking for new ways to differentiate your hotel venue and provide excellent and premium services?

Surely, the need to stand out against all competing businesses has become more essential in light of both technological advances and economic changes worldwide. The rising level of provided  hotel services and care has raised people’s expectations. As guests’ anticipated more and more for their hotel experiences, the drive for constant efforts and research in this area have increased. Running a successful hotel business isn’t only about preparing tour guides or keeping everything clean and tidy. It is more about creating memorable and comfortable journeys for your guests. Happy and satisfied guests are more likely to return to your hotel.

In times where technology plays a central role in every single aspect of our lives, smart hospitality solutions pave the way to a smarter and more engaging digital experience. The following article will walk you through how to tackle your management pain points as a HoReCa decision maker and increase your revenue and ROI using smart solutions.

Modern and smart solutions like Ring n Bring are essential especially for hotel businesses among all other enterprises as it offers the guests at your venue a premium experience that retains the gentle touch of human hospitality of your staff. It starts by improving guest-staff interaction and communication with a seamless QR based solution. With a single scan, your guests will be presented with all the services available at your venue. No need to print costly brochures to showcase your gyms, lounges, pools, spa or any other facility. Ring n Bring will gladly act as an informational directory to engage your guests and give them access to whatever they’ve been missing out on! Additionally, you can also benefit from the promotional banner feature to upsell and advertise your offers and to highlight your upcoming events.

How does it work? It is very simple yet extremely efficient. Guests will find the specially designed printable QR codes designated for each room placed at your venue. With a single app-less scan from their smartphone, all their requests are just one tap away. With Ring n Bring’s wide selection of powerful and customizable menus and buttons, the guests will be able to order room service, laundry menu, amenities, valet service, schedule a wake-up call and much more, all while enjoying a peaceful and comfortable night-in. 

Once a request has been made, your venue’s staff will receive a notification on their devices (smartphones, smart watches..) with the detailed order to confirm and attend to on time. 

To solve every problem in life, communication is the key! For smoother and streamlined operations management, Ring n Bring is adaptable and customizable depending on your hotel’s operations. It helps organize internal communication all across the hotel venue so that no requests will be delayed and no guests will feel underserved. It also gives you more control over your business with advanced analytics, guest feedback, real time data and weekly analysis reports to give you better insights on your business progress and activities. Accordingly, one very important benefit for Ring n Bring is that it helps hotels optimize their internal operations to give the best service possible. 

Additionally, the guest experience starts when they first discover your accommodation right up until when they return home to talk about it. Ring n Bring’s aim is to boost guests’ satisfaction with an advanced yet convenient and time-saving process that does not force them to download any apps or PDFs. It’s not just about being original, but mostly about being hospitable and pampering your guests. You can also go the extra mile and surprise your guests by speaking their language through the solution. Ring n Bring additionally supports multiple languages which will encourage more international guests to choose your hotel as they will appreciate the effort you did to break through the language barriers they’ve once faced.

In conclusion, nothing drives more guests’ attention to your venue more than positive feedback. Remember, happier and comfortable guests mean more profitable return on investment and more 5-star reviews! With the social media sharing options in Ring n Bring, news about positive experiences and reviews spread like wildfire! You can always ask your guests to recommend you on Trivago or Booking.com for example. And, even if the guests that have left your venue happy and satisfied were not to cross paths with your hotel again, their word-of-mouth recommendations to their peers are all you need to keep growing your business

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