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Reasons Why Restaurants Should Switch to Smart Digital Menus

As millennials enter their peak spending years, various industries begin to digitize their operations in order to keep up with shifting demographics and trends. With the rapid technological advancements worldwide, customer demands and needs are shifting in sync causing businesses to actively consider digital solutions over traditional operations.

Running a successful restaurant business isn’t only about preparing tasty food and serving it to your guests. Although it is one major factor for retaining customer loyalty, today’s consumers want a more unique and personalized food experience. The FnB sector was clearly affected with the aforementioned technological developments and restaurants have been altering their processes as a result of this rapid transformation. The most significant trend for restaurants over the last 3 years has been replacing traditional menus with digital and more advanced ones as a part of digital transformation.

As we have discussed earlier in our article “How to empower your restaurant with smart ordering solutions”, a transition to digital menus can boost your restaurant business. To explain in more detail, we will now present a list of benefits for modern ordering solutions like Ring n Bring in addition to reasons why they are here to stay.

1. Enhances Customer Experience

With the fast advancement of technologies across all industries worldwide, customers – and especially millennials – have higher expectations for all of their planned experiences. Restaurant customers nowadays seek a dining experience that is individualized, fast, and innovative. Ring n Bring allows restaurant owners to meet and exceed their customers changing expectations. Ring n Bring is an interactive smart solution that can be branded to your restaurant to make the dining experience more lively and engaging. Be it the smart service buttons (Split Bill, Order Food, “Advanced Filtering” for allergens, Shisha Ordering), or the error-free and fast service, Ring n Bring addresses all your customers’ concerns while also presenting attractive visuals for your food items and increasing your sales. Ring n Bring gives restaurants the option to up their game with in-menu interactive trivia games to make the dining experience more enjoyable for groups and families.

2. A Contactless Experience

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, the primary concern has been hygiene and safety. Smart ordering solutions like Ring n Bring keep physical interactions between both the guests and the staff to a minimum, making sure that their health and safety are protected against any contagious virus. The solution minimizes the use of traditional paper menus by replacing them with smart digital ones that involve customizable request buttons to order, manage, process and serve all potential customers requests with a single tap on their phones.

3. Operational efficiency

The major benefit for solutions like Ring n Bring is enhancing operational efficiency for restaurants. There are multiple channels where the solution allows the restaurant management to boost the performance of their staff and overall business processes. Due to its simple price-adjusting feature and easily accessible dashboard, Ring n Bring allows restaurants to adjust their prices and change the items on the menu with a few clicks and thus eliminating printing costs. Restaurant chefs might update their recipes leading to the need of some minor menu changes that will add the frequent printing costs as extra expenses for the restaurant if printed. Not only does Ring n Bring reduce expenses but it also guarantees streamlined staff operations and enhanced productivity through enhancing the customer-employee communications. With its advanced features like waiter calling, requesting bill, ordering their car from the valet, customers’ requests are transferred directly to specific devices in the relevant departments to reduce human errors and ensure timely delivery of all orders. Consequently, this boosts staff’s productivity during their shifts and increases professionalism of their service.

4. Real-time Data Analytics for your Business

Tracking data is extremely essential for all types of businesses and hence Food & Beverages industries are not an exception. Having a digital restaurant menu will help restaurant owners to automatically track a variety of customer data to generate better insights and boost sales. Having such data in hand can help restaurants create more creative, personalized and targeted marketing campaigns. Ring n Bring allows all of that through collecting user data, monitoring live feedback, accessing request history and more advanced analytics options. The solution presents decision makers and marketers with the necessary tools to analyze consumer insights at the click of a button and build better and more successful customer retention strategies for loyal customers.

5. Improved Marketing Strategies

Ring n Bring provides interactive menus that can surely drive targeted sales. With the solution’s advanced analytics, smart features, and live feedback monitoring, it helps enhance the marketing outcomes for hospitality venues. Ring n Bring’s branded digital menus enhance the dining experience and elevates customers satisfaction. Hoteliers and restaurant owners can use Ring n Bring to boost their profits by allowing marketers to have their own in-menu promotional banner that highlights exclusive offers, events and services and upsells any chosen item in the menu.

Instead of scanning a QR code to a stagnant PDF on your phone, the app-less solution Ring n Bring has revolutionized digital menus for customers who can now scan, order, comment, filter, and enjoy interactive menus that reduce their waiting time even on the busiest hours. Smart and advanced digital menus like Ring n Bring open new doors for innovation and help restaurants reduce their operational costs, increase the table turn over rate. Through elevating the customer experience and improving staff performance, Ring n Bring guarantees more profitable business processes and a significant Return on Investment.

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