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How Online Ordering Solutions Can Enhance Restaurants’ Overall Business Performance

Over the last couple of years, the online food delivery business has evolved significantly. One of the market’s largest sectors has been occupied by platform-to-consumer delivery services including food delivery. Since the re-opening of restaurants after the pandemic and lockdowns, it was thought that the surge in online ordering will come to a pause. However, it is now clear that online ordering is here to stay.

This indicates that in order to attract more customers and differentiate their service from their competitors, restaurants and other businesses owners need to develop an effective and solid delivery strategy.

Here’s how choosing Ring n Bring to manage your restaurant operations and customer experience will help you overcome potential challenges and bring the best out of your online delivery service.

– Increased Sales:

First things first, Ring n Bring customizable menus enables restaurants to choose among a variety of templates, designs and colors to match their menu with their brand identity. Additionally, menus can include attractive and realistic food pictures which can accentuate your food quality and increase your potential sales. According to studies, including professionally-taken photos in your menu can boost your sales by approximately 30% as a customer is more likely to order from an app or website that shows a photo of every dish offered on the menu. With this, Ring n Bring’s menu structure is designed to attract customers and increase sales whether it is a dine-in experience or an online order.

– Enhanced operations:

Moreover, Ring n Bring online ordering solution focuses on making your staff and management operations more efficient. When customers place orders by themselves, it takes out the hassle of making and correcting errors in addition to saving time and speeding-up the service. Manually adding orders to the POS system takes extra time for double checking with the customers over the phone. Alternatively, digital solutions automatically enter the correct orders to your POS where your kitchen staff will receive them directly. Ring n Bring simplifies the ordering process for both the customers (click the link → scroll through the menu → submit order) and the employees (receive notifications → prepare meals). Instead of the confusion of dealing with multiple devices due to multiple third party ordering platforms, you can now simply add your menu link to your social media accounts and have all your orders in one place.

– Elevated marketing:

Having a problem upselling your newly introduced dish? We’ve got you covered. Not only does our solution present nicely designed menus, but it also helps you promote your new offers and discounts. Our in-menu promotional banner provides the restaurant’s management with the chance to highlight exclusive discounts and combos and put your newly introduced dishes into the spotlight. Online ordering through our solution creates a wide customer database with sufficient data on your customers’ geographic location, the most popular meals ordered, and many other metrics which can boost your marketing efforts and customer retention strategies.

The changing consumer preferences have majorly contributed to the growth of online ordering and food delivery over the recent years. People now tend to do everything online as a result of the rise of the digital age. Hence, by optimizing your delivery management and integrating your online sales channels with your restaurant’s POS system, you can now directly resolve some of the main operational problems associated with food delivery and online ordering. Along with an increase in revenue with its subscription-based limitless orders, Ring n Bring creates extra time for you to focus on your main business goals: boosting your customers’ satisfaction.

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